Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Meet and Greet

This week's Tuesday Meet and Greet features 3 of my blog followers, all of whom have talents of their own I can't wait to share with you! Please meet: Christi Spangler, Susan Najarian, and Mary Green.

Christi Spangler, of Fat Bottom Bags lives in a small island community in the Pacific Northwest and is doing her part to keep the environment free of plastic bags by recycling them into reusable (and fashionable!) totes that are fun and durable, while reducing the number of plastic bags in our landfills, oceans, green ways and wet lands. Her website and blog are full of ideas, news, and information about plastics, being green, and the importance of recycling, as well as links to her shopping venues and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Susan Najarian, another island dweller from the Pacific Northwest, is the owner of Susan Najarian Art and Design, a shop full of encaustic painting and hand crafted items, as well as Red Truck Designs, which carries vintage and re-purposed treasures. Check out her blog, Blackbirds and Bumblebees, and follow her on Facebook and Flickr. She can also be found on Trunkt if you are interested in buying her work for resale!

Mary Green, owner of Retro Threadz Vintage Fashions of Michigan, has an Etsy shop full of wonderful vintage clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, hats...even men's ties! It is chock full of cool stuff! Her blog looks like it's just being set up, but follow to check in on her later! Do the same with her Facebook fan page and chat with her on Twitter,

I am so honored to have so many wonderful followers and hope that if you are not an official follower, but check in every once and a while, you will join our group so that I can publicly thank you in a future Tuesday Meet and Greet! To my followers here, Mary, Susan, and Christi: THANK YOU!!! I've enjoyed getting to know a little bit about you and have followed, hearted, and fanned you all!

Check out Made by SwirlyGirl if you have a minute!


  1. Thanks so much Laurie. Great post - I'm off to check out Christi and Mary's work.

  2. You're welcome, Susan! Thank you for following! I'm glad you are pleased with the post!

  3. Hi Laurie, thanks so much for posting my shop
    Great article too

    Mary xxox


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