Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane

Normally I do not live in the fast lane. I am not referring to the route I travel to and from my daughters' school or to the ballet studio at which I teach---I am ALWAYS looking for the fast lane when I'm driving! But, in life I generally like to take it slow and steady. I might get inspired and start something with a speed that would make my metaphorical tires spin, but it doesn't take long for me to slow down to a pace that hardly resembles a mover and a shaker.

That may be the reason my head is spinning these last few weeks. I have been on the computer for hours at a time trying to catch up with everyone (see blog entry #1) and every time I look away for even a minute, there's more to read, more to learn, more people to follow, more tips to consider, more advice to incorporate, more tweets to tweet, more statuses to update, more....more...more....

My brain hurts from force-feeding it and my body is beginning to petrify in it's most frequently held position: one leg crossed over the other, forearms perpendicular to body, wrists close together with fingers bent and held poised or right hand in a gripped position, back hunched over to get a clear view of the screen, eyes squinting and chin thrust forward to clearly see without glasses, because with them I need to sit uncomfortably far from the computer.

I'm learning so much from so many and with every wonderful piece of information is a link that can take me further away from the original source of this info, like a maze that twists and turns so that what I began to read and where I navigate to are not even on the same subject. And I don't want to forget the passwords and usernames I need to keep straight to enter the various forums that will take me on these journeys all over the virtual universe!

I have yet to stumble upon advice on how to fit this all in on a day when the kids need to be driven to school, the dog needs her exercise, the bank, post office, and office supply store need to be visited, I have to stop for gas, shop at three different grocery stores to get the best prices, and pick up the kids with snacks at the ready by 3:15, rush them to dance class and then home to dinner (which must be made yet), before sending them to bed. On the days I don't have to run errands it's easy as I've abandoned all other forms of housekeeping---except for laundry, because I won't have my children going to school without underwear.

And yet, do you know what? I'm having so much fun learning about all of this stuff! Sure there are moments that I feel overwhelmed and absolutely positive that I'm in way over my technological head--it's been a long time since I attended school! But I remember that there was a time when learning lots of new things didn't make my brain hurt and am hoping that I will be getting into the swing of it and Advil will no longer need to be my best friend. And I am meeting some new and very smart and interesting people through all of the various forums I am checking into constantly, some of whom I would already call mentors.

I guess that I'm realizing that as nice as it is to ponder, take my time, saunter through the grocery store and through my life, it's not very stimulating when I'm not doing something to expand my mind and/or my spirit. (My body is expanding, too, however, with all this sitting, so that's an area I'm going to have to address quite soon!) I am grateful for my brain-bending mentors and the many people in my life who are supporting me in my efforts to build my business and my person.

And I'm kinda liking my life in the fast lane!


  1. I think it's wonderful that you've started a blog! Congratulations! I am also easily distracted by shiny things, as we say in this house, constantly veering off the main path. There is beauty in that, though, as you mention: meeting new people, finding new mentors. I would add stumbling on unforeseen opportunities to that list, as well. I'm sure you'll settle into a "groove" that works for you in short order. Wishing you many happy days of blogging, et al., in the fast lane!--Deb Young

  2. Thank you for being the first person to comment, Deb! It's amazing all that can happen if only you are open to it, isn't it?!
    I look forward to more of your blogs, as well!


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