Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Best

Once or twice a year we travel up Interstate 395 to Nevada in the Carson Valley to visit my parents, who retired there about 11 years ago. Sometimes my husband is able to come with us, and other times I drive the 8 hour trip with the girls and the dog to keep me company.

It usually occurs during Spring Break or late in the summer, but on occasion it is during Winter Break. Last Spring Break, I and the girls and dog made the trip without my husband, which is when these photos were taken. I have many photographs of the same views taken over the years.

It's such a spectacular drive that I just cannot resist taking "just one more picture" of the same area! The drive from the Los Angeles area to the Carson Valley is a long one--especially for one driver--but I always look forward to it, knowing that the closer I get to my destination, the more layers of stress are removed--like taking an onion apart one layer at a time!

The Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains are dramatic and breathtaking and the weather systems that move along them are sometimes equally dramatic! The high desert, the occassional sightings of elk, deer, coyotes, and other wildlife--so different from what I grew up surrounded by and so fascinating!

We find places along the way to stop and stretch our legs, throw the ball for the dog, eat lunch...listen to audio books...the drive is a mini vacation in itself!


  1. Love this little trip, Laurie. Thanks. Wonderful landscape.

  2. Thanks, Suzanne! There are so many wonderful vistas on this drive I'd love to share. Eventually maybe I'll get photos of ALL of them! :-)

  3. Beautiful pictures, lovely writing, and such pretty girls! (... and the pup is cute, too.)

  4. Laurie, EVERYTHING looks beautiful through your camera lens. These are just stunning pictures. I think in a few years, your girls will look back and will also look forward to these family trips. Lovely girls and pup, BTW.

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  6. Thank you, Theresa! They are really good travelers, actually! We've always gone on long drives to visit family or for vacations...they are growing up with the assumption that everyone goes on 7 and 8 hour drives frequently! (Shhhhhh! Don't tell them that isn't the case!)


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