Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm a Fan of...

Who's That Dog? is the name of Mara Casey's shop and website. Here's the small-world story of my choosing Mara's business to feature today: My husband, who my readers may know is an actor, has mentioned Mara to me over the years many times.

She is an actor-turned-casting-director-turned-entrepreneur that Brett worked with once many years ago and their paths have crossed several times.

I think Mara and I have even met once, although it's been years and I don't believe we actually had a conversation.

Last night while browsing Facebook my husband tells me he wants to show me something and he clicks on a link to show me Mara's website. I instantly messaged her and "fanned and friended" her after perusing her fun photo cards and decided to feature her today. She even lives in the same town as we do--what are the odds?!

Who's That Dog? is for the dog AND the doglover! For the dog in your family, Mara makes beautiful collars from recycled vintage leather belts--some hand dyed or hand painted. She will work with you to customize a collar, if you prefer, ensuring a one-of-a-kind item for your furry family member.

Mara is also an accomplished photographer and is available for portrait sessions with your dog(s). Some of her wonderful photos are used on greeting cards, some accompanied by fitting text.

I remember that when we were looking to get a dog several years ago that Mara had some leads for us, so between that and some other occasions that have brought her name to my attention, the one thing I knew about Mara (besides the actor-turned-casting-director part!) was that she was a dog lover.

Being one myself, I am pleased to see she has taken her interest and turned it into a business. I wish her much success with Who's That Dog? and hope that you will spread the word to all the animal and dog lovers you know!

You can see all of Mara's work on her website, on her Etsy shop, and on her Facebook Fan Page.


  1. What a great job of featuring a great shop! I am a dedicated dog lover and will be checking out all the links. Love the collars!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note

  2. Thanks, Kelley and Julie, for stopping by and for your comments! Her stuff is terrific, isn't it?!


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