Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers are Angels

Everyone has a mother. Mothers are not rare. Yet we all believe that our own mother is somehow supernatural or elevated beyond the realm of mere humans. And we are right. The umbrella provided by a mother's love protects us from much of life's unpleasant surprises when we are young and provides us with the knowledge that we are not alone when we are adults trying to provide the same umbrella for our own children. Mothers tend to our hurts, offer guidance, and are never happier than when they see their children are happy. Mothers put the needs and wants of their children before their own desires and expect nothing in return except for the smiles brought to their faces by the fulfillment of their children's dreams. They do their utmost to see that birthday and holiday wishes come true and provide enriching experiences while teaching their children to be grateful and not to feel entitled to anything they haven't earned. Mothers encourage their children to pursue their passions but to keep one foot on the ground while their heads are in the clouds. They multitask, are in several places at one time, and always seem to be there to catch us when we fall, all the while juggling a myriad of jobs.

My own mother has been my teacher, my mentor, and my biggest fan, my voice of reason, my medical advisor, my loan officer, my conscience, my source of inspiration, and the most perfect example of maternal love that I could have asked for. Even now, with a family of my own, I am comforted by her unconditional love, rely on her realistic (yet supportive) advice and assistance, and bask in the warmth of pride reflected in her voice and face when something I've said or done has pleased her.

I have a tendency to think of most holidays as retailer's opportunities and not be very enthusiastic about planning special days just because the calendar says we should. I am a bit Scrooge-ish in this way. However, what I frequently end up realizing is that when a day is set aside to celebrate those we love and to allow ourselves to be celebrated, our thoughtfulness is heightened, our affection is demonstrated more freely, and we appreciate more deeply the things that sometimes are taken for granted.

Mom, I am so grateful for the sacrifices you have made, and continue to make, for your family and for the love you have so unselfishly bestowed upon us. Thank you for putting us first in your life and for making us feel like there is nothing you enjoy more than being surrounded by your family.

And a special thank you, too, to my mother-in-law for raising a man I love and respect more than I ever thought I could love and respect any partner. He is a living legacy of your love and your mothering. In addition, your acceptance of me as your daughter has meant so much to me, and I only regret that our infrequent visits and the distance between our homes makes it difficult for me to show you just how much.

Thank you to all of you hard working, caring, deeply loving mothers out there. You are all angels on earth.

Happy Mothers Day!


  1. This is so touching and beautifully said, Laurie. :) Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Thank you, Adrian! I appreciate your visit and comment!

  3. So sweet! What a lovely thank you to your "Moms."

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