Friday, August 7, 2009

My Favorite Things

Okay, I know this has nothing to do with my cards or my photos or my Etsy has nothing to do with anyone else's shop, either, nor my family, per se. But, having spent much of my life in these torture devices----cough! mean shoes!, I found this video on YouTube fascinating! I've never seen a pair of pointe shoes made! (Although I've certainly seen them fall apart!)

I'm betting you haven't either!

By the way, it LOOKS like lots of layers, but believe me--it feels like there is just a piece of thin cardboard between you and the floor!

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  1. Laurie, that was fascinating! Now, just explain to me how you can train your foot to hold your whole weight on your big toe! ??

  2. Judy, you have more than one toe! (Hopefullly!) All of your toes and your feet and ankles need to be strong enough to support you. We do tons of strengthening before going en pointe!


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