Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Favorite Things

Have you discovered One True Media yet? Recently, I put a video slide show together of my photo transformations. I put it together on my Windows Movie Maker and after the simple, but time consuming process of assembling it, I had to figure out how to format it to put it on my blog. It took me quite a while, not being the computer wiz that some are. Of course, a day or two later, my friend Bill Fantini of House of Six Cats introduced our "buddies" and me to this wonderful site. It would have been so much easier and faster for me to have done my slide show it this program, and you can bet I'll be using it next time (unless someone introduces me to an even EASIER one in the meantime, in which case, I will pass that on to you, also!).

One True Media is free (LOVE that word!) or you can pay for an upgrade and subscribe to more features. They have examples on their site and you can take it on a test run, too, uploading your own photos or videos and trying out the editing features, adding music, the whole shabang! When you are finished, simply delete the project if you aren't happy or don't have any use for it. Or send your finished project to your phone, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, MySpace, and other sites. Easy peasy!!

The following slide show I put together in less than 10 minutes including choosing the photos (new images I've created that will be available on cards in my Etsy shop soon), choosing music, adding transitions, saving and posting. Enjoy! Let me know what you think of this site! (And visit Made by SwirlyGirl!)


  1. The new slide show looks great. I need to see how I can use this, too!

  2. Gorgeous flower paintings! Love the slide show!

  3. Thanks,Ladies. In trying to fit it into my narrow blog column, it cuts the pictures a bit (and loses res, too), but I really wanted to demonstrate the ease of this site!


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