Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm a Fan of...

Julie Magers Soulen of Julie Magers Soulen Photography on Etsy, is an artist who has lived in Colorado for many years, capturing the beauty of her natural surroundings professionally for the last 10 years after a lifetime of learning and honing her skills. Together with her husband, with whom she colllaborates at times, they live off the grid in the Rocky Mountain Foothills. (To me an interesting and impressive feat in itself!) Julie's beautiful work has been published in magazines and other publications and recently was published in an art book: Paws for Charity.

Although Julie and I have never met in person, we've developed a friendly online relationship and "chat" often, and are part of a small group of artists/artisans that support one another in our efforts to succeed in our chosen businesses. The kindness and warmth that are reflected in her photography are genuine.

Please visit her Etsy shop and browse through her beautiful photographs and blank note cards, as well as check out her shops on 1000 Markets and Artfire. On Facebook you can become a fan here and I know that she'd love for you to follow her on Twitter, too! And last, but not least, visit her wonderful blog, which she updates frequently.

Visit Made by SwirlyGirl, too!


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful and warm feature. Thank you so so much my friend!

  2. Julie, your work is wonderful and you are a lovely person! This is such a nice feature, the story of the freindship behind it is really something special.

  3. What a wonderful feature for a wonderful person and very talented photographer. Congrats, Julie, and Laurie, thanks for sharing Julie with your readers!
    Peace, Judi


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