Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Giveaway Contest

Not such a difficult contest if you've been here lately. If you haven't been you still have a shot! Take a look on my side bar and find the 5 new features (widgets is such a funny word!) I've added, then list them in the comments. The first one to list all five will win 3 Made by SwirlyGirl blank note cards I've chosen especially for this giveaway! If you are a Made by SwirlyGirl fan on Facebook or a Twitter follower, I will add one card for each if you win. So, you could win 5 beautiful blank cards to keep in that card drawer for a special occasion! What a deal!

Good luck!


  1. 1. Flickr moving imagage thingy
    2. Top commentators thingy
    3. Places to see
    4. Flags
    5. Live visitor feed

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  3. Hmmm. I'd say 1)Places to See 2) Visitors Flags 3) Visitor Live Feed 4) Blog Search 5)Flickr widget
    Hope I'm right. This was a tough one! I'm following you on FB and Twitter too!

  4. You both are SO close! The 5 are: Flickr widget, Top Commentators, View Random Post, Places to See, and Flags! Email me your addresses to and I'll send you each a gift anyway as a "Thanks for Playing" prize! :-) Oh! And Thanks for Playing!!!


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