Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Favorite Things

A couple of days ago, my friend Julie Magers Soulen of Julie Magers Soulen Photography sent me a link to a site that I had previously been introduced to but had yet to explore. I had seen her "framed" photography in her Etsy shop and asked her how she took those without glare or reflection and was beside myself with joy when I learned that I, too, could have those perfectly framed images with minimal effort!

So, in the same spirit of sharing that she has shown me, I would like to pass on to my readers some of my favorite links and things in a new segment that I will add to my rotation! I will start with this link: Big Huge Labs . It is the place to go for all sorts of photo tools, from creating mosaics and Twitter backgrounds to purchasing prints, creating photo jigsaw puzzles, and adding special effects to your photographs. Here are some examples of a few of their tools using some of my images:

Whether you are using this site (did I say it's FREE?) for personal or professional use, undoubtedly you will find it an easy and fast way to enhance your photographs and have some fun creating your art!

Thanks for the tip, Julie! (And readers, next Friday you will learn more about Julie Magers Soulen in my "I'm a Fan of..." blog segment!)

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  1. Hey, that is a great tool! Thanks Laurie, and Julie!

  2. Looks like a fun tool - must check it out!

  3. Thanks Laurie! I only use the frame tool and had no idea about the other tools. Thanks for sharing and mentioning me! Sweet!

  4. I use MosaicMaker too. It's a great site - so easy to use.


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