Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Best

Not too far from where we live is a beautiful nature reserve that protects the California Poppies that grow there. The reserve, located in the Antelope Valley, is open year round, but the poppies have a short life and their brilliance is determined by the amount of rain that they have received
during the previous winter.

There is usually a peak week to see them and if you are lucky enough to visit at that time in a spring that follows a wet enough winter, you are treated to amazing views and colors that seem to go on forever. The 8 miles of trails that meander through the reserve are dotted with benches to sit and take in the beauty. Wandering through rolling hills you might see lizards, snakes, mice, gophers, and --if you are lucky--even a coyote or a bobcat!

In this Garden of Eden, however, even the most threatening creatures appear to be docile. (Stay on the trails, though, for safety as well as to protect the very fragile wildlife.)

We have visited the Poppy Reserve several times and every time we've been there it has been very windy--often windy enough to send one's hair straight up in the air, which leads to interesting pictures!!

If you ever plan a trip to southern California in the spring, check out the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve website and try to fit in a visit if the poppies are in bloom! It will be an unforgettable stop on your trip! Don't forget your hat and sunscreen!!


  1. What a beautiful place! I would love to visit there. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love California poppies and usually have them in my own garden when we get enough rain. Thanks for sharing you beautiful hike!


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