Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting to Know Anne Hayman of The Handmade Gift Guide

I recently became a fan of The Handmade Gift Guide on Facebook and knowing that many of my fans and followers are artists, artisans, and crafters themselves, thought it might be helpful to share more information about this wonderful new endeavor and the inspiration behind it: Anne Hayman. I asked Anne, or Enna, as I've come to know her, if she'd mind answering some interview questions for a blog feature and she graciously accepted and returned my questions with wonderfully informative answers! I am so happy to introduce her to you if you haven't "met" her already. There are links to all of her sites below if you'd like to be a part of the Handmade Gift Guide!

MBSG: Please share with us your name, the name of your venture, where you are located, when and why you began doing this?

AH: My given name is Anne Hayman, but my nicknames are Enna and Annie. Family calls me Annie, and some friends call me Enna. I will answer to any of them :) I have many ventures. Currently I am working on The Handmade Gift Guide, and Lotus Flower Herbals (Aromatherapy, Herbal Wellness, healing gemstone jewelry, spiritual art) I live in The Detroit Metro Area.

I started making art and jewelry as a teenager. I have been marketing myself on the internet for a few years and recently (a month ago?) started The Guide to help the Handmade Community to gain more exposure, and reveal to the world that not all handmade arts and crafts are made by and for Grandmas!

I wanted to bring awareness to the growing market of young hip artists/crafters and their cool handmade items...

MBSG: What was your path to where you are now? Do you work at another job at the same time, and if so, what?

AH: I am an artist at heart, addicted to crafting, my exploding craft room/studio explains it all. I wanna try everything! I am currently a WAHM. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Esthetician, Herbalist... I sell Young Living Essential oils, and do online/phone Holistic Aromatherapy consultations.

I have my own line of Aromatherapy and Herbal Wellness Products. I quit my job working at a spa when I was 7 months pregnant in Jan 2009. I plan on opening a new space sometime next year when my baby daughter is a year old. I want to promote myself and other artists in The Guide.

I was having a hard time getting my name out there, and figured others were too, so The Guide was born out of a need to fix that situation.

MBSG: What is a typical day for you?

AH: I wake up with my kids. I feed the baby while I have tea and I check emails and stuff. When the baby naps I scour the internet for cool handmade treasures. I also write posts for my other blog,

I love sewing so a few nights a week after my husband gets home he plays with the baby while I sew. I usually save medicine making for the weekends when my kids can help me. They are the best helpers. I tend to stay up late, after my family is asleep, working on posts and emailing other artists. :)

MBSG: What is your favorite part of this process?

AH: definitely making new friends and promoting them. also finding new and innovative gifts to showcase. I love to share :)

MBSG: Where can people find you?








MBSG: What inspires you?

AH: I must create, or I might explode. I love writing, and sharing. I am inspired by the heart and soul people put into their art.

MBSG: What might you be doing if it wasn't this?

AH: Wearing a straight jacket somewhere... :) I would be doing something else creative. I haven't had much time to paint lately. I wish I did.

MBSG: In regards to your business, what is the most valuable piece of wisdom
given you and by whom?

AH:My mom says if you put your heart into something there is no limit to what you can create.

MBSG: How would you like to see your venture grow and develop?

AH: I would love to continue to grow, discover and promote unknown artists and make the Handmade Gift movement huge! I would love to see more people buying handmade gifts for their loved ones, show them how uncool it is to shop at the mall for boring, ordinary gifts. I want to make people see how amazing handmade gifts are. Not just toilet paper roll covers or afg
hans...there are some cool, hip things out there now. I also like to show people (through Lotus Flower Herbals) that they can make their own handmade gifts as well. Inspire them to become crafters themselves! :)

Thank you so much, Enna, for taking the time to share yourself with us. We wish you much success with Lotus Flower Herbals and Handmade Gift Guide!


  1. Thanks for sharing Anne with us. She sounds very upbeat and seems like such a caring/sharing person.

  2. You're welcome, Anne/Enna! And Judi, she does, doesn't she?! Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful interview with Anne. I'm off to check out her shops and links.

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  4. Terrific, Julie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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  6. What an inspirational and interesting lady! Thanks for introducing us to her, Laurie. I'm off to check out her links!

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