Friday, October 23, 2009

More Sunday Best...the last of my Faulkner Farm sharing!

Faulkner Farms, in Santa Paula, California, is an historic landmark that now belongs to California State University and is used as an agricultural education venue for the area.

Every fall, the Rotary Club hosts a festival that lasts for the entire month of October where people can come and spend the day choosing pumpkins,

strolling through gardens,

listening to live music, eating pie and funnel cakes, browsing through the antique store in the old barn,

riding on the ponies, walking through the hay and corn mazes,

taking a hay ride, tossing pumpkins with the "pumpkin chucker" and holding baby chicks and ducks in the petting zoo. The atmosphere is relaxed and happy

and children, with their faces painted and bellies full of kettle corn love trying to lift the giant pumpkins and climb the old tractors found around the property.

When a live band isn't playing, canned music is played over speakers and that makes the festive atmosphere complete!

Wandering around the grounds, one is mesmerized by the variety of color and textures that Mother Earth bestows upon us and I return home grateful that we live in an area of such agricultural abundance.

My family always looks forward to our day trips to the pumpkin patch and then we pore over the colorful photographs and funny videos that have captured our day and help to cement the memory in our consciousness till the next year!


  1. Love the family shot on the tractor. Great capture! The last sunflower shot is lovely. Looks great in the frame!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
    Blog of Note


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