Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From This to That

This Tuesday I've chosen one of the most popular images in my shop, and one of my personal favorites to show step by step. The image began as rust on the side of an antique car in northern California (at one of our favorite stops when we drive to San Francisco, Casa de Fruta, which is a produce market that has grown to gargantuan proportions surrounded by acres of antique farm equipment and vehicles that are aging gracefully in the countryside!).

Here is the original photo (Nothing special, right?):

Next, instead of colorizing it (which I usually do first), I kaleidoscope-d it till I found a formation I liked (I don't think it matters which order I do it in, except that it sometimes easier to see the patterns after I colorize it.):

Finally, I colorize the photo, saturating and adjusting color balance to get this:

Printed onto Premium Photo Paper on my inkjet printer (that I love so very much! So much clearer than when I have my photos developed!), I hand cut all my photos and use double stick tape to adhere them onto handcut cardstock, add a thumbnail print of the original photo on the back between my label and the card style label, sign, date, and package! Voila!

This card is included with 3 other rust kaleidoscopes in a set:

See more of my Kaleidoscope cards in my Etsy shop!


  1. Wow! That is so interesting! I love what you made from a rusty old car!

  2. Thanks Judy! Yep! I think pretty much anything can be made beautiful!

  3. you're a genious! i know this is simple to you, but not to us... for years, people have been treating me like i'm some sort of miracle worker because of the faux i put on their walls. not mysterious to me, but sure is to others. you have this goin on with these kaleidoscopes. very unique and cool!

  4. You are so kind, Kelley! Thank you so much! I enjoy seeing what a "nothing" picture can become with a kaleidoscope-ing!

  5. I have long admired this card. Now I know how it was made! The original section of rust is also quite interesting - much like an abstract painting.


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