Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog

Today is my eldest daughter's 13th birthday! It's easy to get sentimental here and gush about how wonderful my child is; how talented, smart, kind, mature, compassionate, fun-loving, and responsible she is; what a good student and hard worker she is;...but I'm not going to do that! ;-)

Instead, I've chosen some Etsy items to represent Kaitlyn and her day today! Click on the links to see other items in the shops of the artists I've chosen.

Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn!



  1. might I be the second one to say happy birthday Kaitlyn! WOW I know that this will be an amazing year.. my daughter just turned 17 this spring. Time flies, next year a senior and then off to college.
    Appreciate and enjoy your mom. She loves you so much! And mom you are one creative person.. I am sure that your daughter is as well. HAve a wonderful day... both of you! and again Happy birthday and thanks for featuring my dog caravan photo. Our black lab Blue wishes you a happy birthday too!
    Marianne Rita and Blue!

  2. Very sweet, creative way to celebrate your daughter's birthday. They grow up so fast. Hope her day is a great one.


  3. Eeeeek the teen years. Be ever SO afraid........just kidding! Mine is 19 and she gave me some rough times but we made it.

  4. Thank you all for your well wishes. We had a lovely 13th birthday party at the beach!


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