Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm a Fan of...

Creative with Clay Etsy artist Charan Sachar's shop contains some of the most unique and beautiful ceramic pieces I have yet seen. With every new listing I see of his, my eye is drawn and
I feel the need to explore it further.

Drawn to the art form for years before actually trying it himself, Charan began his life as a ceramic artist after years of pursuing a different path, and it is clear to me that this outlet is near and dear to his heart.

Having spent much of his life in India, the culture's influence is obvious in his work, lending a richness and depth that transforms the traditional to contemporary without losing it's association with the roots from which it came.

You can see his studio and other artwork at his website and if you would like to see a video of his process you can see the HGTV clip at or just search for Charan Sachar on Don't forget to visit his Etsy shop, too!


  1. Thanks a lot for featuring me on your blog. You have chosen my favorite pieces.

  2. Those are my favorite pieces too. I really like how he uses vibrant colors and fluid shapes.


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