Saturday, June 6, 2009

Andy Goldsworthy

I was cleaning out my purse one day and came across a post-it pad with several pages used to jot down titles, phone numbers, etc., but there was a name on one page that I didn't recognize, nor did I remember writing it, though clearly it was in my handwriting. The name was Andy Goldsworthy. I asked my husband and a couple of friends if they knew anyone by this name or if they had ever heard of this person and did not solve my mystery until I thought to Google his name. Since that day, I have checked out from the library several of his books and watched YouTube videos Rivers and Tides (click on the link and work your way through the YouTube videos if you want to see him in action) and a DVD of his work and am totally enamored with this artist. When you see him work, you can see how close he is to his higher power and it shows in his art. It's brilliant, simple, and unlike anything I've ever seen---at this scale, anyway. I'm so glad that this man is able to devote his life to his art---the world is a better place for it. I am better for it.

I don't remember how I happened to stumble across him when I jotted his name on my pad, but I am not likely to forget him now.


  1. This piece of art reminds me so much of one in the Unity Church of Raleigh, NC. It was the same idea. A circle of flowers leading your eye to the center. The difference was that the flowers were vivid blues, purples and yellows and the center faded to a solid white. I would get lost in it during the service. Great post...

  2. Thanks, Kelley! Did you look at the YouTube link? Amazing!


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